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You need to be able to get food wherever you live. You can go to restaraunts (how far away are they), buy food at grocery stores, get food at coops, order food online for delievery, organize neighborhood "go to town" days, grown your own food, raise your own food (baakkkk, bakkkk, mooo, mooo) or starve (bad choice).

Bulk Food

For estimating purposes, here are some fairly accurate numbers that I use.

Oat Groats2.75
Long Brown rice2.5
Wild Rice Blend2.5
Green split peas2.25
Black-eyed peas2.5
Mung Beans2.1

You can see that typically there is average of 2.4 cups per pound. And typically there is 1/4 cup per serving. So 1 lb of grain/legumes will give you 9.6 servings. Average calories per serving for the foods listed are 155 KCal (when people refer to calories ie. 2200 Cal per day, they mean Kcal or thousands of calories. You may also notice that if you eat about 2 servings of each per meal, you will only get about 1000 calories per day = meager. Most of us eat more processed foods that are calorie intensive. This is typically required to put on some fat.

Also, derived from above, a month's stock of food (if you live in boonies and don't get to the store but once a month) is about $50 in grains and legumes. This does not count fruit, vegies, seasonings etc.

Gardens - Consider: gardening bed size 4 foot x 25 foot permanent beds common,

Raising Chickens - Consider: Space requirements, building weather-tight and insulated coop(s) to protect against predators, feeder, waterers, runs, buy eggs or chicks, shipping costs, brooder to keep them warm, starter feed, feed supplier, layer feed, making your own feed, time to feed, water, pet, watch chickens, gather eggs, harvest chicken (stock pot), use chicken poop in compost pile etc.

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