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When you buy land and then go to build, you realize that while you own the land, it may appear that others think they own the land. When you live within city limits, the laws governing the city apply. You have to apply for permits for septic, connecting to sewer, water, electricity, building, thinking of building, parking spaces, driveways, getting an address etc.

When living out of the city limits, you have county ordinances. Some counties do or do not require permits. And if it's a county with few cities or towns, then they may have a lot of time on their hands. They may breath down your throat. Or, if the county has a large area, but few people, they may not care much. They may not even do land inspections each year for property taxes (where they "rent" the land to you each year and will sell your land if you don't pay them in property taxes). Some places don't have property taxes.

So, depending on if you are in a city, or which county you are in, they all have different rules and they ar all enforced differently. Some places you can build something under 250 square feet and they won't say anything. There is usually a small "farm" building exemption if it's placed on pier blocks and is less than 10-12 feet wide so that it can be moved. If the county doesn't do inspections each year, and you build it back from the road, out of sight from neighbors, then "out of sight, out of mind" and many will not care.

Lack of laws, or lack of enforcement never replaces the laws of God. Dumping human waste near a road and other ridiculous behavior is unsanitary and will probably get you into trouble quickly through neighbor complaints. There may suddenly be laws and enforcement that you never heard of.

On the other hand, being friendly and thoughtful of how you go about your life in a quiet, peacable manner is likely to get you through developing your property to your liking with less expense and less stress.

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