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States - What state to live in?

Before you buy some land, you should consider what state you want to live in. Each state has different things to offer: no sales tax, no income tax, no property tax, etc. States that don't have much beauty to offer or a small job opportunities may offer better tax rates, sales taxes etc. They are trying to attract people to their state.

Income Tax

Just because a state has no income tax, doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be taxed on your income. The income source (maybe from a different state) may be taxed by that state. Or the state to where you move may continue the tax until you have been there for one year. Who knows? You need to ask and find out. You need to get it in writing.

Defense of Life

Some states try to infringe on a citizens right to bear arms in order to protect life. Does the state allow you to open-carry your firearm? Are their people who want to take away your guns? Are there people that hassle those who open-carry? Why not move to a place where citizens are armed, know how to use their guns in defence of life so that you are in better company?

Some states openly allow doctors to kill babies or people who are not born. While some don't think that this matters, would you hire a baby-sitter who kills children? Gives you something to think about. If people don't mind killing or taking life from others without cause, the who is to say what their belief will be in the future if they don't mind killing you because of your age, skin color, race, religion etc?

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