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Before or after you buy your land, you need a survey. That is, unless you already know the property boundaries.


Surveyors install monuments at property boundaries. Surveyors use monuments in your area and also legal land descriptions to determine your property boundaries.

What are Survey Monuments?

Survey monuments are locations that have been determined by a licensed surveyor. They may consist of a piece of rebar driven into the ground with a stamp, marked washer etc that bears the identifying mark of the surveyor. These survey monuments installed by a licensed surveyor can be used as legal evidence in a court of law.

It is illegal and immoral to remove, deface or move surveyor monuments. There are often fines and plus fees for resetting the monuments. Surveyors keep legal records of dates and times when monuments were set. Also, these are often recorded by the county.

Preserving Survey Monuments

Just because it is illegal to remove or move a survey monument doesn't mean that people don't do it. It's also illegal to rob banks, but people still do it. So, if you are in a property dispute, and your neighbor doesn't like the survey monument locations, it may be wise to set some posts in concrete near the monument and take pictures incase your neighbor tries to pull them out and move them when you aren't looking. Wouldn't it be awful to pay for a survey, have your neighbor move the monument and then you put up your fence in the wrong location?

Survey Monuments You May Want

Obviously, yo will need the corners of your property marked. But there are additional points you may want mark on your property. Did you know that surveyors can help you in other ways?

Surveyors can also :

Requested Survey Points may include:

  1. Corners,
  2. 100 feet in on each corner to establish direction/line
  3. Middle point of 2 property corners
  4. Center point of your property and 100 feet in each direction from center post to establish direction in case you want to divide your land equally into four pieces later
  5. along fenceline every 50, 100, 150 etc feet

Save Money on Your Survey

Many surveyors charge a rate or dollar amount per hour. You can save money by having:

Help Yourself Find Survey Markers

After the survey is done, you will probably need to find the survey markers again. Survey markers are usually rebar or nails driven into the ground with poofy plastic attached on top. Or they can be stakes driven into the ground. You can mark them with tape on nearby flags. You can take pictures of them or make notes on your map (ie: 3 feet north of flagged tree and 2 feet to the west) in case they get buried in dirt, blowing debris or branches. Wouldn't it be frustrating if you paid for the survey but couldn't find a corner marker?

To find survey markers that are "lost", you will probably need a metal detector to locate the rebar.

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