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Zoning is about identifying different climates and properties in your land and matching them to activities suited for those areas. For example, you don't want a house in a swamp, but in a well-drained location suitable for walking. The idea is to put things in areas where you can realize the greatest benefit and minimize problems. Zones are identified by distance from the center, elevation, moisture, exposure to sun, shade...


Hills are suitable for windmills, structures for views, towers, communication antennas.


The perimeter of property is good for fencing, walking paths, outposts, signs


The geographical center of your property may offer the most privacy since you may have trees between you and your neighbor.

Area immediately around your house

The area immediately around your house is good for a hand washing station, cooking station, herbs that you use for cooking, water storage, food storage (shaded areas)

Low areas

Low areas are good for: water-loving trees and plants. Low areas may get less wind and fog may hover in the area.

Private Areas

Private areas may be good for your house, bathing station, seclusion for a reading room.

Exposed areas

Exposed areas near to the house will be good for solar panels, water heating, growing areas for heat loving plants.

Shaded Areas

Shaded areas are good for privacty, animals to escape from sun

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